house and car keys
We use photopolymer to obtain the required text matter or printing image in halftone and or as per your requirement. Either the standard wooden handle, and or the plastic selfinkers holders or used. They come in different and shapes sizes. Ask for your individual stamps. Urgent stamps are available on while you wait basis, and will be ready in some 45 miniutes. Do you have a special requirement, we will do it for you and or recommended you the next best solution and or a suitable partner.
Embossing Seals for your document are available in different sizes. Let us have you requirement and we will make your the proposal to match your expectation. Available in different sizes and shapes, Square, rectangular and round. Specify the thickness of the paper, so we insure that the embossing is perfect.
all types and size of rubberstamps
embossing ¬ary public seals
Marking by means of engraving and milling is achived by removal of the surface. We mark by either engraving say milling, and or by electrolytical depositing/removal and or etching and or by lasering. Milling engraving is the most expensive way of marking, followed by etching, and electrolytical marking.
Sizes of upto 1600mm * 1000mm are lasered and delivered on same day. Other sizes also available, allow 2-3 days for delivery.
Sizes Etching presently restricted to width 600mm and length 1000mm.
mechanical (2 & 3d) & laser engraving
mechanical-, electrolytical-, & chemical-, marking and milling.
Laser cutting of Acryl and bending to your needs. Laser cutting of leather, or Venner or wood. Sizes of upto 1600mm * are lasered and delivered on same day. Other size also available, allow 2-3 days 2-3 days for delivery.
laser cutting & of acryl, leather, neneer, wood
Stencil, foil cutting and digital printing. Digital printing Glass, aluminium, plastic, giftitems, golfballs, iphones, leather and whatever is flat and not higher to fit in 80mm tunnel.
stencil, foil cutting & digital printing
Shortly in our new permises, 3D scanning, printing & coloring
3D scanning, modelling & printing